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Magic: My Blog Becomes a Forum

Posted by davidvc on March 8, 2007 at 11:43 AM PST

A magic transformation has happened, where
my blog about how to get a job in software
has turned into a forum of people weighing in about what you should expect in a Java programmer, focusing particularly around the static initializer construct.

I have seen so many blogs going around and around on this topic, with the folks who hate detailed interview questions and those who think it's very important. So I'm not going to go there, and it's not really my point here.

What strikes me more than that is that it's happening on my li'l ol blog. It was meant to be a quick and interesting observation, but it has served as the catalyst for a fairly heated discussion. I'm just sitting on the sidelines and watching.

What it reveals to me is that as a whole we are a passionate group of people, who love software and care about it deeply. We have invested ourselves personally into our work. Nothing wrong with that! Can you imagine two dishwashers arguing passionately about the right way to organize dishes on a rack?

Wait, strike that -- I have seen dishwashers do this. At one job just out of high school, I remember getting long lectures from an old-timer about how to lay out the dishes, and then getting an alternate lecture from another old-timer.

Oh well, maybe it's just human nature...