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Ethan Nicholas Walks the Walk

Posted by davidvc on May 24, 2007 at 9:18 PM PDT

I remember noticing when Ethan Nicholas said
he was coming over to Sun from Yahoo!
whining about the issues with Java on the desktop
and proposing some solutions. When Sun hired him, I was hopefully holding my breath because (a) I didn't know Ethan that well and was hoping he was up to the challenge and (b) I didn't know if Sun would let him do his job (it's not unique to Sun, all big companies can get in the way of the innovators sometimes).

Well, both Ethan and Sun appear to be delivering. Ethan's
latest blog
is not just fluff about a Consumer JRE but real details. I look forward to seeing this stuff in action. Good luck Ethan and the entire team! And congratulations to Sun for giving him the support he is needing to make this happen, and happen quickly.

Update: I re-read Ethan's original blog. I had thought he was hired to create and lead the team, and now I see that's not so clear. I still think Ethan's doing great work, but I want to make it clear I absolutely know there is a whole team behind this and not just Ethan, and hats off to all of you.