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Gems from Database Users

Posted by davidvc on June 5, 2007 at 12:12 PM PDT

A number of folks responded (some in comments) to my request for folks interested in participating in a series of interviews.

A few of the responses were so funny/delightful that I have to share them here. Names have been removed to protect the innocent.

We are currently using ER-Win to build our database schema. I don't know
if you have ever used it, but I think it is both craptastic AND

I'm have not been the main "DB Guy" on projects for several years, and
Back In The Day, our ER Diagraming Tool was made of plastic for hard
copy, or a white board for soft copy :-) .

From a veteran with 23 years in the industry:

I went from an ISAM based system (no,
not BTrieve -- it was based on an Alpha Micro (Alpha who??)) straight in
to Informix, and from there to Oracle. I heard an anecdote about some
"yahoo" criticizing my Informix DB Schema of the day, saying "it wasn't
relational". His argument was that since I didn't have any foreign keys,
and thus no RI, it couldn't have been a relational database. Mind,
Informix was, of course, an RDBMS. But also, when I was working on it --
we didn't HAVE foreign keys. They came later, and we weren't about to
retrofit them into the schema. *snort* Kids!

Who said working on databases couldn't be fun? Thanks, guys, for the good laughs and good humor.