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Searching the Derby Manuals

Posted by davidvc on June 15, 2007 at 10:33 AM PDT

A common complaint about learning Derby is "I can't figure out where in the manuals it talks about how you do 'X'". As much as I whine about Google's desire for all our data, they do have an excellent search engine, and you can apply it to help you here.

Someone recently asked on the mailing list how to do this, and Oystein Grovlen gave this very helpful response:

I agree that the documentation is difficult to navigate in. An common
index for all manuals would have helped a lot. Now, it is not always
clear which manual to look in. I often end up using Google to search
the manuals. If I add "" to my Google
search criteria, I will only search the 10.2 manuals.

I have used this approach and it has helped me a lot, both for myself and when I'm trying to answer user questions.