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Talking Engineerese

Posted by davidvc on June 5, 2007 at 12:11 PM PDT

I was talking with my brother on IM last night and he complained about sotware engineers. He showed me a conversation between himself and an engineer. I thought it was a made-up joke dialog, to make his point.

But he
blogged about it today
, and said it was an actual transcript. OMG! Here it is in its full glory. Read it and weep.

AVC - (presenting plan and budget) Can you do this?

AB - Absolutely

AVC - Can you get it done by the due date?

AB - Yep

AVC - Can we get it done using this budget?

AB - Yes, could do

AVC - Can you get it done in this time *and* with this budget

AB - If you can get someone to work for free

AVC - So you can