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J2EE alive and well in China

Posted by bnewport on November 10, 2004 at 10:36 PM PST

The 4th International Conference on Information Technology in Financial Services is organized annually by State Street and the Zhejiang University. It's my second time at the conference and once again, it's been a great experience. The sessions were lively and very interactive, thats my favorite kind of session. Rob High (main WebSphere architect) from IBM gave a keynote and some sessions and I gave three sessions on benchmarking J2EE, WebSphere/JVM performance tuning and architecting for performance. Sun and Microsoft also presented among others.

I'm currently working with students from the University on some commercial projects involving WebSphere XD (my second time this year in China) and you can only be impressed with the quality and enthusiasm of the professional programmers, students and ex-students that I meet there. China is coming on strongly in IT and, make no mistake, are using and proficient in the latest software. If the people I met there are anything to go by then the J2EE and Java will be heavily used in projects in China.

The students are using a wide variety of Java software there including WebSphere, WSAD, Eclipse, Hibernate, Log4J. All the usual suspects. Lots of questions on how to use the latest technologies with WebSphere including the WebSphere Partitioning Facility (WPF) from the just announced WebSphere 5.1 XD.

So, overall a great experience (except for the jetlag!), great people, good discussions and hope to be back for three years in a row next year.