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SDTimes comments on OSGI

Posted by bnewport on December 8, 2004 at 6:59 AM PST

Andrews article can be viewed here. It's a good introduction on OSGI and you can find another good introduction at this link on OSCAR at source forge.

I think OSGI has a big future on the server side. Andrew talks about the bulk etc of J2EE containers but if we could get the open source and commercial application server vendors using OSGI for their runtime frameworks for servers then a lot of interesting things could happen. Rather than the current situation where every vendor has its own runtime component mechanism and the open source ones are no better here (JBoss with JMX, Apache with GBeans, ...), if we can all agree on OSGI than third parties making plugins for application servers such cache providers, persistence providers should have a much simpler time integrating those products. Maybe products like Tangosol or Gigaspaces could adopt an OSGI based runtime.

Application programmers would benefit from having a standard service registry in which to find these things. It has a lot of potential, if we can just get the vendors to agree. I think a positive initial step would be for the open source J2EE servers to adopt OSGI as their runtime framework in lieu of their current private runtimes.

Another thing to think about is how could OSGI impact J2EE, could web modules/ejb modules be bundles. Would this be easier or harder than today. Could JCA RAs be bundles also? Lots of scope here.

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