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A Communications Services Framework to fuel IP telephony deployment?

Posted by boneill42 on November 12, 2003 at 6:58 AM PST

I've started the snowball rolling for a Communications Services Framework. (CSF)

IP telephony deployment has been slowed by some major hurdles, and we have yet to see the "enhanced services" that will really drive the market. I think a web services environment, hosted on Java.Net, through which enhanced communication capabilities could be delivered, combined with a client side API that allows developers to take advantage of these capabilities could solve the problems found in current IP telephony deployments and provide impetus for migration.

One of the first problems I'd like to tackle with the CSF is that of identity. Currently, there is no way to automagically discover a persons contact addresses given one of the set; SIP address, phone numbers, email address, AOL screenname, etc.

This causes many problems. If I am on a SIP phone, dialing a phone number, it will go out through a gateway to the publicly switched telephone network (PSTN). If the person I was dialing happened to be available via SIP as well, the phone call will still travel out to the PSTN, and back in through another gateway because there is no way to discover that the person I was trying to call is available via IP. There is no way to keep from traversing the PSTN. How inefficient? This needs to be remedied.

What if there were a web service, an Aggregate Directory Service (ADS), that given a users contact address, phone number for example, would return the set of contact addresses via which that user is available? It would solve the problem. A SIP Proxy Server could then utilize this web service to determine if it can keep the call on the IP network, before blindly passing it to the gateway. How beautiful? Lets build it.

Because this is not the only such service required by these next-generation communications networks, it makes sense to house the ADS in a larger more general framework. This is the Communications Services Framework.

Bingo. we have a plan. I just started working on the complete specification for the CSF and the Aggregate Directory Service. If you would ike to get involved PLEASE contact me.

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