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JavaDesktop Community presence at JavaOne 2005

Posted by brinkley on January 14, 2005 at 8:32 AM PST

The JavaDesktop Community Team would like to get your input on event planning for our community at JavaOne 2005. Below is a list of options for your consideration.

  1. JavaDesktop Community BOF - A short presentation followed by an open mike or break out session. This would be an opportunity for community leaders, project owners, developers, and observers to meet each other and share our successes, failures, and frustrations of our projects and community.
  2. JavaDesktop Community Meeting - A small presentation by the community leaders with a Q&A session. This would be more formal than the BOF as it would actually be an official meeting (not that we've ever had one before or need one now).
  3. JavaDesktop Community BOF - A panel discussion involving project owners of both large and small projects.

Please reply to the blog with which of these options would you prefer and more importantly which ones you would attend. Also if you have another idea put in a reply. The JavaDesktop Community team looks forward to your input and meeting you at JavaOne 2005.