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JavaDesktop Community tops 200 projects

Posted by brinkley on January 25, 2005 at 11:20 AM PST

I am pleased to announce that the JavaDesktop community has just surpassed the 200 mark in community projects. We are the second largest community in in terms of projects and surpassing the 200 project milestone in a 20 months is quite an achievement.

What excites me the most about the 204 projects is the distribution of the projects between incubator, linked, and full fledged projects. Of the 204 projects 71 or 35% are incubator projects. That is an outstanding percentage! Incubator projects start out with just and idea from a javadesktop developer. Some projects will fail to materialize and others will be promoted to be javadesktop community projects. To date 8 projects have graduated from the incubator to become javadesktop projects. I would like to see more incubator projects started this year. If you have an idea for a new project go to the home page and click on "Request a new Project". We'll help get you started.

Another key type of project is the linked project. Linked projects are hosted on another site but still wish to affiliate with the JavaDesktop community. Currently there are 23 projects or 11% of our projects which are linked projects. If you have and externally developed project that you'd like to have linked to the JavaDesktop community just send a email to and I'll send you back details on how to become a linked project. Be sure to provide the web address of your project.

For those that have been counting, we have 108 full fledged projects in the JavaDesktop community. This is 52% of the total projects. Of those 108 projects 12 projects have downloads, other than source code, available for your use. The variety of projects range from developer tools like layouts and look and feels to full blown applications. Some projects are run by the biggest names in Java development and others by newbies that are just getting their feet wet. There is something for just about everyone.

Finally, I'd like to thank all of the project owners and developers for making the JavaDesktop community a successful site and reaching the 200 milestone and I'm looking forward to having 300 projects by Christmas 2005.

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