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It's all about ME

Posted by brinkley on November 12, 2006 at 10:38 PM PST

Those of you that know me know that it is never about me it always about you and today is no different. A couple of weeks ago I posted a
indicating that was leaving the javadesktop and jdk communities and moving on to something else. That something else is the community leader of the Mobile & Embedded Community which will be announced today.

I'm really excited to be the community leader of what promises to be one of the most vibrant communities not just in but in all of Java development. We've got community pages, blogs, forums, mailing lists, wikis, and projects that will provide developers a gathering place that enables and empowers them to collaborate and innovate, driving the evolution and adoption of the Java(TM) Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) for mobile and embedded devices.

Go with me for a minute on a visual tour.

The central page of the community is the community home page. Think of this page as the front page of your daily newspaper. Everyday our community editor will be updating this page with features and news relevant to the Mobile & Embedded world. Got something you'd like to share with the community. Send an email to our editor (you can find his email address on the community page). Bookmark this page because you'll want to be here every day.

Next up is community blog aggregator. Think of this as the news you'd find on local section of your daily newspaper. You know, page 2 material. Some of the blogs here will be featured on the community page but if you want all the blogging news this is the place to come. Got a blog you'd like to have regularly featured here? Send an email to me or the editor (again see the community home page for addresses) and we'll sign you up.

Got an opinion or question about that you want to express to the community as a whole. Head to the Mobile & Embedded forums. We have 9 forums: 4 for general Mobile & Embedded development; 2 for PhoneME; and 3 for computability and quality testing.

Don't like forums? Prefer email? No problem all of our forums are cross posted to mailing lists in appropriate projects.

Oh and the projects. We have two types of projects: platform and applications. In the platform applications take a look at the phoneME project where you'll find the full phone implementations in two distinct modules: phoneME feature is where CLDC and MIDP development will occur; and phoneME advanced is for CDC development. All open sourced. Interested in compatibility and quality go to the cqME project and don't forget the sister project jtharness that we placed in the JavaTools community.

Not interested in the platform development and want to work on applications instead. We've got a application developers sandbox big enough for everyone. Head over to the meapplicationdevelopers
project where you'll find all kinds of articles and information about application development. Then drop down and look at the subprojects. There aren't many there now but in future my own goal is to see hundreds of little projects in this space. All kinds of projects from tools to applications are welcome here. Want to start a new application? Just fill out a request for a new project and choose the Mobile & Embedded Community and we'll get you started.

Finally and not least we have community wikis. Feel free to add notes and update this pages as appropriate. Oh and start a wiki for your own project. Just use the community wiki as a base.

Whew!!!! Now maybe you can understand why I left my previous positions and jumped at the chance to be the Mobile & Embedded Community Leader. Its so fresh and new. I chance that only comes along once every now and then. So come and join me in the Mobile & Embedded Community sandbox where there is enough room for everyone.

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