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JavaHelp's Emancipation

Posted by brinkley on November 13, 2006 at 9:00 AM PST

JavaHelp has always been free but after 10 years its now open sourced under the GPL 2 with a classpath exception in the javahelp project. The full source including the search engine is now available from the subversion repository. Also included in the repository is the V2.0 specification for JSR-97, the full documentation and all of our demos.

We are looking forward to the community driving the development. That said, it will be important to do that development within the JCP process. Specifically this means that small API changes can be made but larger changes will have to be made under a JSR. Changes not affecting APIs can be readily adopted in the open source project.

Note: JavaHelp is still available from under the same binary license. You can continue to use JavaHelp as always but now it's possible to include JavaHelp directly in your open source application.

There is no change to the JavaHelp forum and mailing lists.

Any questions...sent them to the mailing list.