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Mobile & Embedded Community Goes Audio

Posted by brinkley on April 23, 2007 at 3:42 PM PDT

The Mobile & Embededded Community has joined the audio age with the first edition in a series of weekly podcasts. Terrence Barr, the M&E Community Evangilist and myself are co-hosting a series of weekly podcasts devoted to Mobile & Embedded development. Every edition will have at least one feature interview segment and we will close each edition with a "pet peeves and what's cool" segment.

In the first edition, Terrence and I give a brief overview of the Mobile & Embedded Community. If you aren't familar with our community this is great way to get a 10 minute overview.

The final segment of every show includes a "pet peeves and what's cool" discussion where Terrence and I will discuss topics of interest to us and the community at large. I'm not going to tell you what's in our first edition of "pet peeves and what's cool". You'll just have to listing but if your got something that is just driving you crazy or something that you think just rocks, send and email to
You never know we might actually air it in one of the future podcasts.

For now set back and listen to this first segment. Trust me, both Terrence and I are anxious, well maybe nervous is the right word, to hear your feedback and we hope that a lot of you will tune in and continue to listen to future editions of the Mobile & Emedded Community Podcast.