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My review of Mobile & Embedded Developer Days Technical Sessions

Posted by brinkley on November 5, 2007 at 9:37 PM PST

I had a few minutes tonight before turning in so I thought I put it to good use and review the 35 submissions for technical sessions in the upcoming Mobile & Embedded Developer Days. Of the 35 talks I ranked 23 talks as "must haves". Yeah there are some duplicates so the number if probably like 20 but still we only have about 10-15 technical session slots.

We preselected three topics so I know Rick Hillegas' "Tear-off Databases on Phones", C. Enrique Ortiz "Near Field Communication in Mobile Commerce", and Hartti Suomela's "JavaME Security Domains and Access to APIs" are easy choices.

From there I've got a couple of other favorites that I hope make the final cut. In the embedded space David Beberman's "Real-time Java in embedded critical applications. Could Java control your pace maker?" makes my heart skip a beat. And face it, I'm sucker for Bruce Boyes and his TrackBots so that talk is high on my list.

There are a lot of game development talks as well, some of which will definately make it into the final schedule. Erik Hellman's "Combining OpenGL-ES and Mobile Sensor API for new gaming experiences" and Marlon Luz and Andreas Frank's "Mobile Augmented Reality: Bringing the World Virutal Elements to Java Phones" are really cutting edge type of presentations.

Hinkmond Wong shows us all in the how to "Developing with Project PhoneME" and then Eric Arseneau's "Project Squawk, Leveraging phoneME Feature for other types of devices" and Lorenzo Pallara with "JTVOS, a free interactive set top box middleware: introduction and architecture" illustrate how to extend phoneME.

In short the final decisions aren't going to be easy but attending should be. This WILL DEFINATELY be a content rich conference. If you haven't signed up yet hurry up cause space is limited. You can sign up here.

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