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The Developer Days agenda is final, the Developer Days agenda is final

Posted by brinkley on November 12, 2007 at 10:56 PM PST

If you haven't had a chance yet to look at the Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days agenda do so. This is really a revolutionary conference in the Java Mobile & Embedded space.

Crammed into 36 consecutive hours you'll find 25 sessions, 21 lightning talks, and 4 30 minute poster sessions. And if that isn't enough you can stay up part of the night at the brainstorming and bar/camp sessions.

Yeah, but it's a Sun conference! Wrong, it's a Mobile & Embedded Community conference that was developed by developers for developers. One of the things that Terrence and I did was make sure that the selection committee was made up of a lot of outsiders so this conference has a lot of outside voices, industry leaders, and forward thinking companies presenting. Of those 25 sessions only 12 are from Sun. In the conference you'll hear from Sun, Nokia, IBM, and Intel and you'll hear from a truly international cast speakers from Brazil, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Russia, and the United States.

And the content, oh my, the content. It's like being a kid in a candy store when it comes to width and breadth of the topics. Java FX/Mobile, JavaME Security, Near Field Communication, Sun SPOTs, Pervasive Computing, SVG, new JXTA for JavaME, phoneME VM architecture, JavaDB and tear off databases, mobile augmented reality, blu-ray, interactive set top boxes and many more.

So print out the agenda now that it's 99.9% complete and stick it under your boss' nose and say "I'm going" and get him to cough up the measly $175 to register. That right I said $175 for two days. Let me put it to you this way that's $7 per technical session and I'm throwing in the 21 lightning talks and 4 poster sessions for free. ;) Ok I admit that's a little bit cheesy but still you aren't going to find this value anywhere else.

So come on. Go to the conference site and hit the register button and sign up. You know you want be there. You know you should be there. Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days is calling.

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