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M & E Developer Days - Remote Broadcast

Posted by brinkley on January 17, 2008 at 6:42 PM PST

One of the goals of the Mobile & Embedded Developer Days was to get all of the mobile & embedded developers together in one meeting at a given location to hear the premiere collection of intermediate to advanced topics given by the industries most knowledgeable presenters. Realizing that you can probably only achieve this goal once a year we had a second goal of trying to make this event a world wide event.

I'm happy to say that we have achieved both goals. We will be doing a live broadcast world wide using If you haven't had any prior experience with this tool you are in for a real treat. In addition the live broadcast, has a wide range of features including chat, an applause meter, polls and comments. We'll be using all of these features when we go live at 8:30 PST on January 23.

Where to find the broadcast

We are still toying with idea of requiring an account to be able to chat so you might want to set up and account on in advance of event on next Wednesday.

To attend or not attend, that is the question

There is only so much we do with regard to a live broadcast at the event but we will cover as much as we possibly can. We will cover each and every session. When we have dual sessions we will cover both of the sessions. It will be the next best thing to being there.

But it won't be the same as being there. No matter how hard we try it just is not the same as being there in person. We won't be able to cover the poster sessions. We won't cover lunch. Trust me I've watched my colleagues eat before and it is not worth covering. And of course we will not be covering the social event or the bar camp.

An former co-worker of mine once told me that the most important aspect of any conference isn't the content that you hear but the people that you meet. As we said once before the emphasis on the conference is an intimate conference where application developers get to rub elbows with other application developers along with the operators, manufactures, and platform developers. Relationships initiated here will be beneficial over the next year and beyond. Combine that with some other activities specific to attendees and you got some pretty strong reasons to attend.

I can make it

So if you can make it and you haven't signed up yet go to Mobile & Embedded Developer Days home page and register while registration is still open. Remember this is conference by developers for developers.

I can not make it

If you can not make it, and especially if you live outside of the United States, get as many of your associates together as possible and watch the broadcast together. Create your own local version of the Mobile & Embedded Developer Days in a city near you and tell us about it. Terrence and I would be thrilled if we had over a thousand simultaneous viewers watching James Gosling's keynote and the rest of the Mobile & Embedded Developer Days broadcasts.

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