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MEDD - Social Event

Posted by brinkley on January 14, 2008 at 5:14 PM PST

Back in December organizers of the Mobile & Embedded Developer Days (January 23-24, Santa Clara, CA) were trying to decide where to have the social event. A couple of hotels and their cavernous meeting rooms were suggested and throughly checked out but didn't meet the conference needs.

This is the first time we've done MEDD and we want the social event to be something that would be unique and memorable. We were also looking for an intimate setting where attendees could unwind for dinner and drinks at the end of 10 hour conference day. We found the perfect place just 3 miles from conference auditorium

Maria Elena's Taqueria Restaurant isn't your typical conference dinner stop. But then the Mobile & Embedded Developer Days isn't your typical conference either. Maria Elena's serves some the best Mexican dishes in the bay area. It's seating is close and cosey and the service is...well...what service should be. Once we started talking to the manager we realized it was the obvious choice.

We're going to start dinner right after the Developing and Deploying Content in the Real World panel discussion. Well right after means however long it takes us to load up in cars and drive 3 miles north (no cutting out early). Get there as soon as you can because it will be buffet style serving and communal seating. The staff will keep serving until everyone is stuffed and the cash bar should help wash everything down. Mix in some spirited table conversations and we've got exactly what we were looking for in a social event.

Now I wouldn't suggest that you should come to conference just because of Maria Elena's. You can and should go there on your own anytime your in in the bay area. But I would suggest that this is going to be an intimate social event and an itimate conference. A conference by developers for developers that you'll remember and benefit from for a long time. Sign up now at Mobile & Embedded Developer Days website. It's the best $225 you will spent this year.


I like it! This has FUN written all over it. Looks like should be there. Oh, wait, I *will* be there. ;-)

I would fly all the way to California just for the tacos.