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Posted by brinkley on January 18, 2008 at 6:24 PM PST

In WWII the bombardier would yell, "bombs away" as the bombs left the airplane. Attendees at the Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days will have an opportunity to win one of four SunSPOTs Java Developer Kit.

The Contest

Throughout the first day attendees will hear several presentations on SunSPOTS. Any attendees that wants to enter the contest will submit a proposal on "What I would do if I won the SunSPOT Java Developer Kit" to conference organizer by 4:30 pm on Wednesday January 23.

Judging Criteria

All Entries will be judged by the SunSPOTs development team based on the following equally judging criteria:

  • 40% Innovative use of SunSPOTs
  • 20% Commercial or educational utility
  • 20% Usefulness in the SunSPOTs projects in Mobile & Embedded Community
  • 20% Chance for success

The SunSPOTs development team will then select a maximum of 8 projects. Those selected will be given 1 minute to present to the conference there proposal and then the conference attendees will vote on each proposal. The four sessions with most number of votes will be declared the winners. In the event of a tie, the person among the tied Entries with the highest score in innovation will be declared the winner.

How to Prepare

Go to the SunSPOTworld and read as much as possible about SunSPOTs. Read the forums, ask question, catch up on the documents so that when you come to the conference you have some type of an idea of what you would do with a SunSPOTs Java Developer Kit if you won.

And Don't Forget

If you haven't already registered for the Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days it isn't too late. Register now at the conference home page. This is a great conference by developers, for developers and you don't want to miss it.

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