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Mobile & Embedded now on Twitter

Posted by brinkley on September 26, 2008 at 2:45 PM PDT

The other day my wife came home talking about one of her staff member's husbands using Twitter for professional purposes. He's the editor of the local newspaper and got me thinking that maybe it would be a good idea for the Mobile & Embedded Community to have a twitter account.

Community Leaders could post snippets on our travels and other events that are happening in the community. We will also post highlights from the community front page and other sources.

Community members or other interested Mobile, Media, & Embedded developers could allow us to follow their happening with their twitter accounts. Keep us up on the professional happenings of others. Let us know about a JUG meeting or what you are working on. If we get enough information flowing I will see if we can get the RSS feed published on the M&E community main page.

How well will it work? No idea, but it seems like it is at least worth a try so I either wisely or foolishly, only time will tell, created a Mobile & Embedded Community twitter account.

You can find the twitter account at Follow what's happening and ask us to follow you as well. We can leverage twitter to make the Mobile & Embedded Community even large and more interactive (I hope).

Or as I use to say when I did the radio show back in high school, "It will keep you up on what is coming down on the campus the Mobile & Embedded Community." Yeah, that was a LONG time ago, wasn't it!