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Would You Like to Receive a Content Over Bluetooth? Yes / No

Posted by brunogh on June 12, 2007 at 12:10 PM PDT

Let is talk about mobile marketing, I mean, a special kind of it. This is not a marketing text, because I am not a marketing guy, but I have to say that I like this kind of subject in some way and I will try to show some things in this entry. So, mobile marketing is meant to describe marketing on, or with, a mobile device, for example, a mobile phone. This concept has started to become so popular because of SMS (Short Message Service), a long time ago. Today we are watching a lot of new possibilities of doing mobile marketing and one, that got popular, is over (via) Bluetooth, also called Bluetooth marketing. Bluetooth marketing is a kind of proximity marketing due to its distance limitation. Take a look in my first post to get introduced about Bluetooth technology.

But what is Bluetooth marketing? Let me see... imagine some kind of content-management system with a Bluetooth distribution function that detects Bluetooth enabled devices in an area and tries to send - it could use different algorithms to choose someone - a content to them, for example, an image, video, text, music, Java application and so on. I mean try to send, because the device owner needs to accept the incoming stuff, it is permission-based (although in some cases you do not want to be invaded like that, because you are not interesting in it) and, in addition, is free of charge. So, this concept of Bluetooth marketing has started around 2003 in Europe, but just some time ago we got some big companies campaigns doing it. Anyway, forget about dates and cases, imagine all this stuff in malls, stores, museums, events, sport stadiums, airports, these are some examples of places where they are doing it now. In addition, there is a, at least, different and interesting, point of view of using Bluetooth for marketing purposes, I was reading Mike Foley's blog recently and he has posted something about green marketing and Bluetooth.

You are probably thinking about the combination of broadcasting and media content which, a lot of times, results on spam. I will not discuss in this entry if Bluetooth marketing is a special kind of spam (Bluespam) or not, but I think there are right ways of using it and wrong ones, so each case is a particularly case. There are some scenarios and situations that it could apply. One fact is that, in a recent study, on March of this year, the Bluetooth SIG has announced that Bluetooth continues to grow in popularity with an average of 81% of consumers aware of the technology. It is really good to know that common people already know what is Bluetooth and this can be considered a relevant data for people that want to create new services based on Bluetooth.

So, let is bring all these ideas to our java world! You can create softwares that uses its concepts - in a right way - with JSR 82 (Java Apis for Bluetooth) using, particularly, the APIs for OBEX - which is in javax.obex package - for sending content (take a look in the end of my second post that introduces OBEX) and the core Bluetooth API - which is in javax.bluetooth package - for inquiring for devices and searching for services on these found devices. After that, you can put it to run in your mobile or notebook. But why would you do something like that? Imagine a scenario that you got a lecture as a speaker, you probably will not want to make your listeners get a pen to write down your contact information in the end of it, it can be much more simple in this case! You can just tell them to turn on the Bluetooth in their devices and, then, they will be asked to receive your business card (vCard) during the presentation. I was just kidding, but in this case it could be a good idea! Another one, I have been in some computing events that, in the end of a presentation, the speaker used to throw some t-shirts for the public. I never get one, I am thin and not so tall, I do not want to fight for a t-shirt! I definitly would prefer to turn on my Bluetooth and try to get it by lucky, maybe by a Java Bluetooth Promo System. So, any other good uses of Bluetooth marketing concepts or services using Bluetooth (do not need to be related to marketing)? Post them! I want to see a brainstorming of crazy ones! Have a good week!


Bruno Ghisi

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