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Elucidating JavaFX (Including JavaFX Mobile)

Posted by brunogh on July 29, 2007 at 9:57 PM PDT

I have seen a lot of people asking questions about JavaFX Mobile and I decided to make a short directly entry about it and about JavaFX as a whole.

JavaFX was announced some months ago at JavaOne 2007. As you have heard, "it is a new family of Sun products based on Java technology and targeted at the high impact, rich content market". The first two products are JavaFX Script and JavaFX Mobile.

JavaFX Script "is a highly productive scripting language that enables content developers to create rich media and content for deployment on Java environments". JavaFX Script comes from Chris Oliver's project, which, initially, was called F3 (Form Follows Function). Take a look at Project OpenJFX for more information around JavaFX Script, you can find good tutorials, demos and discussions. You definitely should get started with JavaFX Script. I did and what I can say is that it is pretty cool! You can get Netbeans IDE and install the plugins or you can also try it a little bit with the JavaFXPad. I loved the way you can experiment the language with this last tool, because everything you type into the code editor is displayed in the canvas, so interactive! Another cool stuff is that JavaFX puglin for NetBeans 6.0 will come with a JavaFXPad integration! Also, to get started, do not forget to take a look in the language reference.

JavaFX Mobile "is a complete, pre-integrated software system for advanced mobile devices designed to enable developers to author rich, high-impact content and network-based services". JavaFX Mobile was built around open source technologies (Linux and Java) and comes from SavaJe Mobile Plataform, which was presented at JavaOne 2006 in the Jasper S20 phone.

So, how things get connected? JavaFX Mobile will run JavaFX applications, as well as keep supporting Java applications. In the near future, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) will be able to put JavaFX Mobile into their devices (and set-top boxes, Blu-ray Disc...). According to Jacob Lehrbaum in a recent podcast (posted here at Mobile & Embedded Community previously), Sun is working with handset manufacturers and mobile operators partners to deliver the first devices with JavaFX Mobile until the end of 2008. A lot of details around it are still being worked, but the fact is that we have good news to keep looking in Java for the mobile future: we are working to reduce fragmentation - MSA is coming in this way, take a look in my second post for more information about it - and JavaFX product family is coming to help us creating rich content and improving user experiences. Let's stay tuned, things are very very promising!


Bruno Ghisi

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