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10 points around JavaFX

Posted by brunogh on October 11, 2007 at 2:52 PM PDT

I did not have time to post about some news I got around JavaFX before, due to many things I've been doing in the last weeks. Now is the time! I have attended, weeks ago, to a conference call with some Java Champions and Sun people. It was a really great discussion and there are some points that I want to share. Here is the list of them in bullet form:

  • JavaFX Script and Consumer JRE (or Consumer Release or, now, Project Hamburg) improve experiences and moves attention to client-side. Keep an eye in Chet Haase's Blog for more around Consumer JRE.
  • As an advantage against others (Silverlight, Flash, etc), JavaFX Script has the Java plataform (scalability, reliability, portability... and, do not forget, a huge community).
  • JavaFX Script will be community-driven as an open source project (check OpenJFX Community, JavaFX Compiler) and it means, in some way, no company controlling it alone.
  • JavaFX Script runtime can be standalone, Java Web Start or Applet.
  • Sun is working in an authoring tool (WYSIWYG) for designers and content authors.
  • Sun is working in improvements in the actual Netbeans plugin for developers.
  • A lot of stuff will be available for the first quarter of 2008.
  • JavaFX Mobile will support MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile) on CDC (Connected Device Configuration). You will be able to run JavaFX Script, existing Midlets as well as CDC apps. (Hey, I want to talk about it. Looks pretty weird MIDP on CDC at first sight, but, remember, Midlets have the biggest percentual in the market now and you need to keep supporting the existing applications).
  • There is a JavaFX Mobile emulator internally at Sun that they are playing with.
  • JavaFX Mobile developer phones and emulators will be available fairly early in the new year.

Also, take a look in the Champion Yakov Fain post about the conference call too. Thanks Aaron Houston for organizing it. He have posted, in the Java Champions page, a JavaFX presentation from Sun Tech Days (Boston) and one from Midwest Java Tech Day. Good stuff!

Do not miss the next chapters around JavaFX, looks that Santa Claus will keep the gifts for the next year! :)


Bruno Ghisi

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