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JustJava 2007 Goes Mobile

Posted by brunogh on October 5, 2007 at 7:54 PM PDT

Hello everybody! I have just came back from JustJava 2007 in São Paulo! JustJava is a Brazilian event created by SouJava, 6 years ago. It is a pretty nice event and developers come from all around the country to share their experiences in all the different Java areas. It is definitely a good place to learn and meet new people. This year we also got something really special there: a Java ME track! Thanks to Mauricio Leal and all the other guys for the efforts in order to make it possible!

What I can say is that the event was great! And the ME track too! We got great speakers talking about a lot of different mobile subjects and also great project authors interacting with people, like Floggy team. One thing that I have noticed was that there were a lot of developers interested in ME during the sessions, which is fantastic! It looks that we are growing fast and fast! Another cool stuff was the JustJava mobile application, people could easily install it in a stand and quickly check the sessions timetable! Neto Marin is working on it to publish here in Mobile & Embedded Community as an open source project. In the end of the day, after the sessions, we also got Muvucas, which was an informal conversation with a group of people talking about interesting subjects in different rooms. So nice!

Lucas Torri and I have presented a direct and objective session about Bluetooth, JSR 82 and Project Marge. We have used mOOo Impress Controller to control our Impress presentation with the mobile, while being aware of the time that was running. Basically, mOOo IC is a Swing Impress Add-On (desktop) and a Java ME client (mobile) that communicates over Bluetooth to change slides (I can talk about it and OOo extensions in another post). In the end of our session, we have showed the Giant Blue Pong demo! Remember Atari Pong Game? Yeah, something like it! You definitely do not need those new video games to have fun with Bluetooth controllers... all you need is Java! We have "made" (it is not finished and probably never will, it is a demo!) a Java SE game and a Java ME application to control the pad in the game. So, we have projected the game in the screen (and it became so BIGGG!) and invited two guys in the auditorium to play against each other using the two mobiles, each guy was controlling a pad. It was really funny to see people participating! In the end of the game we gave some t-shirts and Netbeans CDs (thanks Sun Brazil for that), so nobody lose. There is a video in portuguese, made in the end of the first day by Robison Brito, that shows we playing it. The game was not working perfect at the time the video was made, we have fixed some bugs and accelerated the ball movements after that, but you can get a picture of what was the Giant Blue Pong. I've posted, above, a photo during the session (Eduardo Guerra, "MundoJava" magazine editor is in the left playing with the mobile :) ).


Unfortunately, I could not stay in the event until the last day (Friday), which is bad, because there were nice sessions that I would like to attend... but I came back earlier for a good reason: my graduation! It will be tomorrow! So, my next post will be as a new grad :) Thanks for all the people I have met in JustJava 2007! You guys rock! JustJava 2007 was awesome! Congrats for everybody that helped to organize it!

Have a great weekend!

Bruno Ghisi

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