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Highlights from Caravana Tecnológica GUJava/SC

Posted by brunogh on November 17, 2007 at 7:04 PM PST

Recently, Bruno Souza wrote about the tour that they were doing in some Latin America cities. Unfortunately, he had to travel to Russia, but the awesome guys (Tim Boudreau Tim Jacobson, Maurício Leal and Eduardo Lima) came to visit Florianópolis, an island in the south of Brazil, and to talk about Java, Netbeans, OpenSolaris and much more... (do not miss Tim Boudreau's blog with lot of stories around the trip, 1, 2, 3, ...)

They came to Caravana Tecnológica GUJava/SC, an event promoted by GUJava/SC, a JUG in the state of Santa Catarina, and Sun Microsystems. Some institutions also have collaborated with the event, such as CERTI Foundation, Informatic and Statistics Departament at Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) and OpenS. The event was realized at UFSC last week and had around 120 people subscribed and distributed in the two days. The subscription was a kilo of food for each day period. This food will be donate for charity and I think - we still have to count - we got something near two hundred kilos, which is great!

In the first day, we had three sessions and two of them were about Mobile & Embedded. I have presented one about Java ME with Netbeans Mobility Pack and Mobile & Embedded Community and Lucas Torri have explained and demonstrated Sun SPOT. Also, we had a last one about agile management/development with Scrum and eXTreme Programming, that was presented by Leandro Rodrigo Saad Cruz, Klaus Wuestefeld and Sandro Bihaiko.

The second day was pretty awesome and we had Tim Jacobson talking about OpenSolaris and Sun Studio Tools in the morning and Tim Boudreau about Java and Netbeans in the afternoon. Maurício Leal also talked about Netbeans Mobility Pack and Sun SPOT in the afternoon too. The audience was very impressed with Sun SPOT! After that, people have done a list of questions and we had some answers and discussion based on that list. Another cool thing, Maurício Leal was translating the sessions simultaneously, a nice initiative to help people that can not understand English perfectly. While people were in the sessions, during the afternoon, Eduardo Lima, Sun Ambassador´s coordinator in Brazil, and Lucas Torri, the new fresh Sun Ambassador, talked with some professors about possible partnerships and about SAI (Sun Academic Initiative), among other things.

Thanks for all the people that have participated and helped in some way to make it happens! Thank you! Before I leave you with some pics, here are two tips - that was being discussed in a jug-leaders thread - if you want to create a JUG event and do not have the right tools:

  • Try JUGEvents, that is being developed by JUG Padova, and allows you to easily add an event and people can easily subscribe. It is a nice common JUG events repository!

  • Try Footprint, an open source certificate generator for JUG events, created by Felipe Gaúcho. It is pretty easy to use. Basically, you have to create a certificate template, configure a XML file and put the application to run and, after that, people will receive the certificate by email.

Also, they were discussing, in the thread, possible plans to integrate Fooprint in JUGEvents. Great!


Lucas Torri showing a Sun SPOT box


Tim Boudreau talking about Java


Tim Jacobson explaining OpenSolaris


Maurício Leal helping the audience with translations


Dinner... we had fish!!! Tim Jacobson, Luiz Ávila, Maurício Leal, myself, Tim Boudreau, Ronaldo Lages and Lucas Torri. Really good!

See you!

Bruno Ghisi

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