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SDN update and Mobility resources

Posted by brunogh on November 9, 2007 at 5:14 PM PST

Hi, this is just good news! SDN (Sun Developer Network) got a new front page look and structure. What a great job! I also enjoyed to know that hCalendar microformats are being used in the Sun Tech Days navigation link, as they describe in the SDN Program News weblog.

According to Matt Thompson, in an email to Aaron Houston, fowarded to Java Champions list,

"Rather than just a redesign, the team responsible (consisting of a team led by Jill Welch and our SDN content team, joined with the .SUN org, and software mktg org) created a model for us to be able to continue to evolve this site to meet the needs of both Sun's traditional developer base and the new developers we are trying to attract as we move forward.

Next steps:
This is only the first step. Over the next 12 months we are planning on integrating more community infrastructure underneath SDN (thus enabling better community engagement, community contributions, discussions, etc.)".

Wow! Great start! If you are starting in the Java world or if you are already a developer, SDN is definitly a good place to find great content and get involved! Keep an eye in the videos, blogs, articles, tips... also, check the Mobility Topics in SDN! ;)

So here is the second part of the title, if you are also looking for Java ME, do not forget to explore Mobile & Embedded Community, there are great open source projects (if you got an idea of project, you can host on it or you can also link your project, if it is hosted in another place), podcasts, forums, blogs... and we do have a wiki with a lot of nice content, and specially one for the ME Application Developers Project, which contains interesting applications, take a look in how they were made! In addition, recently, I have made some updates in the JSR 82 wiki page and it can be a nice place if you want to start with Java/Bluetooth. So, you can contribute with us in the way you want, maybe in the forums, improving the current wiki, helping in the projects... we are looking foward it!

This post was all about community! Simple!

Have a great weekend!
Bruno Ghisi

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