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LWUIT is the way!

Posted by brunogh on May 18, 2008 at 5:49 PM PDT

Forget about what I have said previously, LWUIT (Lightweight UI Toolkit) is the way!

LWUIT was launched at JavaOne 2008 and there are already some nice tutorials and demos about it. I met some of the guys in the Pavillion and I was impressed with the lib, very cool! Another point is that you can also use LWUIT in commercial applications, it was released under the SLA.


LWUIT is a UI library that is bundled together with applications and helps content developers in creating compelling and consistent Java ME applications. LWUIT supports visual components and other UI goodies such as theming, transitions, animation and more.

Don't waist your time drawing Canvas, take a look on it!

Bruno Ghisi

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Hello, try

The following error apears when i start this app on BlackBerry 8800: "Error 2130 at offset leac" Why?