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Posted by brunogh on October 1, 2008 at 8:21 PM PDT
  • We had the Month of Java in Florianópolis promoted by GUJavaSC, a JUG in the south of Brazil. Mauricio Leal, Kohsuke Kawaguchi and Roger Brinkley were here. In addition, we had some very nice local presentations, including one with Floggy team, more can be found here. Pics can be found at Eduardo Sugahara's flickr.The entrance was 2kg of food, that will be donate for charity, so Java is definitely helping some people life in some way.
  • img_0001.jpg
    Working hard after the event

  • Mobile & Embedded got a Twitter!
  • We are receiving nice links of projects that use Marge. Check out the last ones here. Elinton Dozol Machado has sent two nice games. If you have done anything with Marge (tutorials, games, softwares, final year projects, whatever), sent an email to and let us know! Thanks for your contributions and support!
  • Mobile & Embedded is hosting a page with some ideas for student projects. If you are a student, go ahead and make your contribution! Marge and mOOo has two cool ideas. If you are interested, send an email to me and I can put you in contact with other interested people.
  • My Sentilla PERK is travelling. A Brazilian Sun Campus Ambassador, Tom Mix, did a presentation about it at JustJava 2008. I need to put a GPS on my kit, do not know where it is right now!


Bruno Ghisi

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