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Taking NetBeans to the top of Java!

Posted by brunos on December 3, 2007 at 9:13 PM PST

Tangkuban Perahu is an active volcano near Bandung, in the west part of the Java island, Indonesia. Its last eruption was in 1983, and since then, there has been warnings about possible new activity. It is a very impressive place, with high stone walls and constant steam coming out from its crater. When you bathe on the hot spring waters on the side of Tangkuban Perahu, you feel a tiny bit of the power of the volcano. But Tangkuban Perahu is a very accessible place, and is the only volcano in more then 350 active Indonesian volcanos that you can just drive all the way to the crater. Amazing power, but with simplicity.

NetBeans is a Java IDE, that combines amazing power, with simplicity. We just released NetBeans 6, and it is very good. The new editor infrastructure gives you a lot of productivity literally at your fingertips. Integrated JEE, JME, Profiler. Ruby support. All build on top of the NetBeans Platform, that lets you extend the IDE, or even create a totally new application on top of it.

Once you're in the Java island, it is very easy to go visit Tangkuban Perahu, so don't miss if you ever have the opportunity. I was there, talking about NetBeans in the top of the Java island. And once you're a Java developer, it is very easy to try out NetBeans. So, take it for a spin, the download is a lot faster then a flight to Indonesia! And it is free. As in beer. But it is also "bebas" (freedom in Indonesian) - NetBeans 6 is distributed under the GPL and CDDL licenses.

Many thanks to all of the developers that made such a great tool. The Sun engineers, the external contributors, the many translators and module developers. Also, the NetCAT team that is hunting for bugs and the NetBeans Dream Team that has participated a lot in many ways. And the many others that are part of this thriving community: NetBeans users, the web team, article writers, book writers, the NetBeans Magazine, the NetBeans TV, the NetBeans and Java User Groups, the NetBeans evangelists. Wow! Congratulations to all of you: it is a pleasure to be part of such a strong, active community.


And here, a small video with some other images of me and Juggy on the top of the Java Island:

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