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The birth of a Community

Posted by brunos on January 19, 2009 at 8:02 PM PST

This week I'm participating of Campus Party, an Internet and multimedia show-party-hack-a-ton-craziness that is happening for the second time in Brazil. Campus Party is a 24 hours, 7 days event, that merges software, internet, music, culture, talks, booths and of course, tents and very little sleep. The main focus of the event is sharing: knowledge, pictures, music, information, fun. The event is just starting, and you can see some pictures here.

I'm helping organize the Software Livre track, where we'll have lots of talks about many open source technologies, including Java and Open Solaris. It is great to be with good friends, organizing a cool event!

One gratifying experience happened today, to get the event starting with full force: leaders from OpenSolaris User Groups of all parts of Brazil met for a few hours, to discuss the status of the community, and plan for future joint activities. They also shared their experiences, and difficulties, and lots of technical discussions. It is always gratifying to see a User Group start, with passionate people, with lots of energy. It is even more special to see User Groups joining together to share experiences, and work together.

What reminds me that last week several JUGs in the US started the JUG USA organization. I'll just take the time here to congratulate them, and wish the new organization lots of success. Associations of User Groups like JUG USA, the Worldwide JUGs Community, efforts like the meetings JUGs in Brazil did for so long, and of course, this newly started OpenSolaris User Groups discussions that just happened here at Campus Party add a new level of organization to those groups, and help them understand that they are not alone, and that they are an important force to change and evolve the technology they advocate.

What else is going on on Campus Party that I'm interested in? I'll participate in lots of copyright discussions, and I already had loads of fun with puppets today. The event is just starting, but it is all set to be a great one!

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