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Kickoff of JavaONE SF 2005

Posted by bsandersen on June 27, 2005 at 8:51 AM PDT

It is well past the official 8:30 start time and people are still streaming into the great hall. This is my third JavaONE (I skipped last year's event as I had just started a new gig with Verocel) and I must say the organizers keep coming up with some really great music to warm up the place! High-tech, spooky, creepy, jazzy, and funky all at once. It might not seem like much to those reading but for those of us sitting here it is electrifying. The music video screens showing the band combined with the large central screen's montage of pictures, code, and matrix effects flying by has put a bunch of energy in the room.

I've already seen some familiar faces. Ken Arnold, who is also blogging on, is to my left. The crazy Brazilians, as they are very affectionately known in the Jini community, have made an appearance with their spiritual leader standing just a few feet away sporting his Brazilian-flag-cape he will no doubt wear throughout the show.

JavaONE is as much about meeting people as hearing about cool technology. You bring home a little knowledge, sure, but you also bring home some of the energy from the event and those you meet.

This is a fine time for me to say thank you to those who helped me get here today. Many thanks to my very good friends at Verocel, Inc., George Romanski, Jim Chelini, and Jim O'Leary (who I've known for 20+ years now) who said it was OK to just drop everything in our very busy schedule to go on this boondoggle. (Hello also to Pat Costa, Dave Kehs, Val Cawthron, and Tri Le. These are some of the best people I've ever worked with!)

Thanks also go to Helen Chen of CollabNet and Daniel Steinberg of O'Reilly for setting me up with this gig in exchange for blogging. You kids are the greatest!