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The cajo what?

Posted by cajo on August 30, 2005 at 7:44 PM PDT

The cajo project is a very compact framework to enable completely transparent use, and transport of, ordinary unmodified Java objects; between Java Virtual Machines. It allows distributed computers to effectively coalesce; into a seamless, Virtual Virtual Machine. Its ease of use is undoubtedly its most intriguing feature.

The foundation of its operation is its transparent method invocation mechanism. It allows dynamic interchangeability of local and remote objects, with no source impact. As a result, the framework requires no interfaces, no XML, no annotations, and works with all JREs; 1.2 and higher. This makes cajo a unique, 'drop-in' technology; which can distribute literally any application, without re-designing it.

The framework applies four basic technologies; referred to as IPMB. Click on the links below, for more detailed information.


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