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J2SE 5.0 - Ready for business

Posted by calvinaustin on September 9, 2004 at 12:29 PM PDT

I've received a few emails asking about the quality of J2SE 5.0, I'm guessing related to recent blogs entries about the tiger rc release.

I am always nervous before a final release, I never want to tempt fate. However this is by far the best quality release I have ever seen and I've been at Javasoft since 1996. Many of the improvements are in common api code that you will also see on your IBM, Apple, HP and other ports.
The testing teams have expanded the test harnesses to over 150,000-200,000 tests, and as an engineer, I'm blown away by the work they have done.

Would I run my business app server on it? Certainly. As part of our stress tests we have popular appservers and we are probably going to have to power down the machines as they won't stop.!

I plan to write more when we do reach the final ship date and finish the jcp ballot. However I would like to re-iterate that the release is due to the great teamwork from engineers inside and outside Sun. Most of the experts in the jcp process are external and over 160 jcp experts worked on Tiger. (I'm not even counting my friends Josh and Neal in that count :*) When I look at the concurrency library JSR166 (see my blog) I see the java community at its best, with quality designed in.

In closing I would like to say thanks for reporting bugs. The first thing I decided to do when I joined javasoft was to post the bugs reports to the web and get an automated way of receiving bug reports. This was way before bugzilla even existed and very few companies had anything like that. I hope that shows that we also do care and will always listen, but yet we can always improve.

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