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How to save time deploying Java apps

Posted by calvinaustin on April 5, 2005 at 2:08 PM PDT

One of the most challenging but important things that the Java platform does is to abstract the OS specific and incompatible issues away from the developer as much as possible.

In building the JDK at Sun we had to resort to many tricks to generate one binary that would work on as many platforms as possible. Infact myself and Hui Huang used to spend hours and sometimes days tracking down issues in order to get a JVM that would behave itself on as many distributions we could test.

But what about all the other software in the stack, can I get a version of mysql, jboss and hibernate and know they will work together? What about adding some php to your web pages, is that version compatible too?

That was one of the challenges I wanted to tackle and so is why I decided to join SpikeSource.

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SpikeSource are in the business of integrating and testing Open Source Stacks and today is our full launch. The free installer is totally sandboxed so you can install it on an existing machine without affecting your current apps (it will ask you if it sees port conflicts). I hope it makes using Java and Open Source at your company easier and yes you can buy support too!
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