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What do Developers Want?

Posted by calvinaustin on June 23, 2005 at 11:36 PM PDT

Over on the O'Reilly website, our CTO Murugan wrote an article based on a developer survey we took at our company, spikesource. Its a good idea, often large tech companies would rather pay a focus group than ask the large number of engineers just down the hall.
My number one choice didn't feature, a nice new 64bit laptop :*, hey, you can only ask, but joking aside there are some interesting points. What do programmers really aspire to, is it the process of writing software (the journey) or the end result. My vote would go for the journey, especially when trying something new, although finishing products has its own reward. Why else would some of the industry luminaries continue when they could retire comfortable. I know I would still be coding, would you?

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