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A Free Java Testing Tool and Open Source Business Readiness Model

Posted by calvinaustin on August 1, 2005 at 9:17 AM PDT

We launched two new free open source projects over the weekend. The first is a simple automatic Java boundary testing tool, called Testgen4J

Although the enterprise market has a choice of full functioning Java test generation tools there is little to none for the open source community.

Testgen4j is functioning alpha version that takes Java class files and generates automatic data driven test cases using JTestcase. It then uses junit to run them and parses the good tests from the bad. As this is the first release it supports a small set of tests (boundary) but the plan is to extend this over time.

By standardizing on junit, xml test cases file and a parser module this can be extended to cover other languages as well as build in more advanced logic.

The second project Spike Source is contributing to is an open source evaluation model called OpenBRR. For developers this should save time when making a short list of open source projects. Who hasn't taken 5 minutes to download a project and then spend the next 5 days making it work for your configuration. This project is a helpful shortcut and is a joint model proposed by Carnegie Mellon West, Intel, OReilly CodeZoo and Spike Source.

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