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If Java was a car

Posted by calvinaustin on January 25, 2006 at 9:50 AM PST

Kirk Pepperdine, guru of Java performance, recently praised Sun and the Java team for their open bug database and questioned the labelling of enhancements as 'bugs'. At the same time, someone at Sun made a tough decision to slip JDK 6.0. Personally I thought the schedule was never going to fit, it has been a tough time for engineers at Sun and google is a tempting new home for many, so I applaud the move, people remember a bad product for far longer than they remember a delay.

However, given Kirks point and Rays blog together, I think as developers we have get a good deal from Java when I compare it to the car I bought last year.

If Java was a car:

1. You would have to pay to see bug reports (car technical service bulletins)

2. Every 3 to 6 months you would have to stop using it and find something else to use for a day (car service)

3. Unless you were part of a focus group selected you couldn't give product feature requests or track them using a number

4. You could only use a copy for your state, you would have to pay for a different state or country (ok california have fairly tough car laws)

5. Tuning the JVM voids your warranty and insurance

Cars have other advantages of course but it does underline that developers and Java developers do get a certain freedom to influence a product and gain important information for free.

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