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Jabble/NetBeans bundle

Posted by carcassi on January 18, 2007 at 7:10 PM PST

I have just

made available a zip bundle
on the Jabble site in response to
some users that got stuck in the installation process: new to Jabble,
new to NetBeans, new to Java... it's tough!.

The ideal solution would have been WebStart installation - one
click installation. Unfortunately a few NB modules are not ready for
that... hopefully they will be in the next NetBeans release.

I folded back to creating zip, but at least I played around with
the branding: here is the Jabble splashscreen:

Nice. :-)

There are a few issues I still have:

  • The icon you set in the NetBeans suite doesn't really seem
    to be used anywhere... not for the Windows executable, or for
    the window icon when the program is running
  • You can select the progress bar color, but the very first
    and very last pixels seem to remain orange (which is the color
    NB uses)

Hopefully they will be solved too in the next release. At any
rate, it's already very cool that I could arrive to this step.

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