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GlassFish buzz means lots of people attend our BOF.

Posted by carlavmott on June 28, 2005 at 12:28 PM PDT

It 's been a couple of years since I've felt this kind of excitement at JavaOne. Wow what a great response to the announcement the Sun is open sourcing it's application server. Jim Driscoll, Amy Roh and I presented at the GlassFish BOF Monday evening to a standing room only crowd. Here are some highlights of that presentation.

GlassFish is Sun's application server under the CDDL license (Jim blogged about the licensethis morning).

- Not only open source but open process which means we are committed to working with the community to build a better application server.

- GlassFish is the next generation application server implementing the Java EE 5 specifications (all the specs). We took our production quality Sun Java Application Server PE version 8.1 codebase and started implementing the Java EE 5 features.

- Important goal is to track the platform specifications closely and MUST support Java EE compatibility. This is not a change.

- Download weekly builds or build the server yourself, try out the new features and send us feedback

- After just a few weeks, we already have contributions in the way of bugs and patches as well as an external commitor. So we're off to a great start!

We had lots of questions and Jim did a great job answering them or bringing up people who had more details. Some are addressed above, some in the FAQs and some deserve alot more discussion and are great for

I did have a chance to talk to people one on one after the BOF and my favorite comment was "Thank you, thank you for open sourcing your app server".

Actually, thank you....

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