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Callflow module in project GlassFish goes online

Posted by carlavmott on September 14, 2005 at 11:03 AM PDT

When project GlassFish was introduced in early summer, the webtier group had web pages up helping users learn about the technologies in the webtier and how to find their way through the code. Today another group, callflow , is online too.

The new feature, callflow, is turned on and off through the admin interface. Once turned on, runtime information such as which containers were entered, the length of time spent in each container, transaction id, user principal, method name and exceptions is collected and stored in a database. Using the admin gui, developers and system administrators can examine the lists of requests that hit the server and also drill down on a request to get more details.

GlassFish is Sun's Open Source J2EE application server.

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