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GlassFish MileStone 4 available

Posted by carlavmott on January 3, 2006 at 4:28 PM PST

GlassFish is targeting Feb 6 as the release date for Beta and it's just over a month way. MileStone 4 is the hardcode freeze build which means only approved bug fixes are allowed in the workspace at this time. See the download page to download the server and for the list of bugs fixed in this bundle.

Aside from many bug fixes added, I noticed that this bundle checks that each application deployed defines Java EE 5 deployment descriptors when using annotations and will not allow J2EE 1.4 applications using annotations to be deployed. Downside is deployment time is considerably longer so the next promoted build will allow you to optionally set this feature. Default will be to not test.

With each newly promoted build the server will be more and more stable so I encourage you to try the latest builds of GlassFish.

For GlassFish news and highlights checkout the weblog The Aquarium

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