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javadocs on project GlassFish

Posted by carlavmott on January 20, 2006 at 4:19 PM PST

Recently I posted the current version of the javadocs in project GlassFish. Included are the javax APIs and the com.sun APIs that have been implemented. Although the title on each pages says J2EE 1.4 SDK, these have been updated to include Java EE 5 APIs. We're working on updating the title and headers over the next few weeks. We also plan to update the site with each promoted build so the javadocs posted will reflect what is in the latest promoted build.

One important note. The specifications for Java EE 5 are NOT final and therefore these javadocs reflect a work in progress. In some cases more information about the API is needed for the docs to be complete. Still, I think you may find these useful.

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