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GlassFish Milestone 5 - Beta release

Posted by carlavmott on February 21, 2006 at 9:17 AM PST

GlassFish Beta or Milestone 5 is offically available. The GlassFish community is building an open source application server implementing the Java EE 5 specifications. Milestone 5 implements the Public Final Draft version of all Java EE 5 specifications except EJB. The latest implementation of that specification will continue to be tracked in weekly builds of GlassFish.

Contributions from Sun, Oracle and individuals in the community have helped to make GlassFish Milestone 5 a great product to try out or learn the new technologies in the Java EE 5 platform. Tools support for GlassFish include a plugin for Eclipse available from the GlassFishPlugins project as well as native support in NetBeans 5.5. There are many blogs and tech tips ranging from how to get started with GlassFish to describing the latest technologies and how to use them. Also check out the frameworks and applications already running on GlassFish.

Sun uses the GlassFish builds to create the Sun Java System Application Sever PE 9.0 which is included as part of the Java EE 5 SDK. Both are available now for download.

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