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GlassFish Tech Tips page and Q&A session

Posted by carlavmott on February 3, 2006 at 4:20 PM PST

We're trying to make is easier for you to get detailed information about how to use the latest features in GlassFish.

There have been alot of really good blogs, articles and Tech Tips describing how to use the new Java EE 5 features in GlassFish . Many of the blogs have been posted on The Aquarium. There are so many in a week that we created a page in the GlassFish project where we archive what we think users will find interesting and useful. Most of the entries have been written or reviewed by the GlassFish team. If you find something we've missed let us know so we can add it.

Sometimes it's nice to ask a question and as it turns out every month Sun runs an Ask the Expert session where users can submit questions through email and get answers from the developers of a particular technology. There was one on GlassFish a few months back and next week there is a session featuring what is new in JWSDP 2.0. This is a popular program and a great opportunity for you to get the developers' attention. All questions and answers are archived on that same site.

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