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GlassFish BoF summary

Posted by carlavmott on May 30, 2006 at 4:25 PM PDT

The GlassFish BoF on Tuesday evening of JavaOne was well attended with lots of great questions. Jim, Amy and I gave a quick overview of GlassFish, where we are today, highlights on the community and roadmap with future directions. I have posted the slides here .

As I mentioned there were lots of questions during the 50 minute BoF and luckily there were many GlassFish developers, architects and spec leads available to answer all types of questions. I will summarize some of what was covered in case you didn't make it.

Question:Is it really production quality? Answer: yes. Remember GlassFish code was donated in by Sun (SJSAS 8.1) and Oracle (TopLink Essentials). Both products are used in production today. This question was also addresed on the quality alias for GlassFish with more details.

Question:Will clustering features will be added to GlassFish? Answer: Yes. See my previous blog for more information though details have not been worked out. Over the next couple of weeks there will be discussions on what features will be in GlassFish v2 and so the details will be flushed out then.

Question:Are there any books on Java EE 5? Answer: Still a bit early but I know of a few in the pipeline. However, there are many blogs, tech tips, articles which discuss the new features in Java EE 5. The server documentation is available online as well as the Java EE 5 tutorial.

Question:Why did the quality choose TestNG over JUnit for the unified test framwork? Answer: There was a discussion on the quality alias. More notes need to be published but that alias is the right place to get more info.

Question:Why use GlassFish or how do I talk to my management about switching? Answer: GlassFish is the first robust, commercial, compatible Java EE 5 implementation. It is free for development, deployment, and redistribution. You will find GlassFish support in both NetBeans and Eclipse. It has higher throughput, faster response time, and improved management features to streamline deployment, 30 percent faster startup time and web services performance increased by up to 5 times over SJSAS 8.x. There are several support options including $99 for Sun Developer Expert Assistance - See
Many more can be added to the list. We are creating a web page which summarizes the list more completely.

These are some of the questions that were asked that I remember. If I remember more I will update the blog.

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