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GlassFish future directions

Posted by carlavmott on May 17, 2006 at 10:00 AM PDT

A TENTATIVE GlassFish roadmap was announced yesterday at JavaOne. Here is a summary of what is planned so far and additional information will be provided soon. Please use the GlassFish mailing list to provide feedback.

GlassFish Update Release is the next releaese from the FCS branch and is primarily a bug fix release. This is an opportunity to provide additional bug fixes to the v1 release that were not included in the final release. It should be available in several months.

At the same time, GlassFish v2 is the next "dot" release and currently under development in the trunk of the workspace. There are promoted builds of this release available today however these builds primarily include bug fixes only. The TENATIVE feature list for v2 includes:

  • Clustering support - see project shoal
  • Load balancing support
  • some scripting support - JSR 223
  • Performance enhancements
  • Tango integration
  • Unified Test Framework

We are targeting early 2007 for this release but many more details need to be address and decided before there is a final schedule. We are looking for feedback from the community.

v3 release is further out but we are thinking about adding Web 2.0 support, some architecture changes and additional features that are requested by the community. This is very hand wavy at this point but as we discuss v2 we can better understand what features may move into v3 and what new features we would like to consider.

We have more ambitious goals for GlassFish and want to provide a Java EE 5 compatible container that has startup and footprint comparible to other available containers. This could mean significant changes to the code base and a new major release.

As you can see there is alot of work ahead and big plans for the future of GlassFish. More information will be available on the GlassFish site soon. We welcome any and all feedback.

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