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GlassFish build to download

Posted by carlavmott on May 4, 2006 at 12:35 PM PDT

GlassFish is nearing it's first FCS (final and stable) release. At the same time, development continues on the release. Builds for both releases are available so here is some info to help you figure out which one should you download.

Currently promoted builds from the FCS branch are the only promoted builds avialble and those are announced as they happen. Since these builds are pretty stable and there are very few changes introduced from one build to another, there are no nightly builds from the FCS branch.

Work on the trunk(tip) is for the release and nightly builds from the trunk are also published. These nightly builds are available, however the naming is a bit confusing. The build number has not been updated on the trunk since the FCS branch was created. To find the appropriate nightly build start with b43 and then look at the date. If today's date is May 4 2006 then the nightly build produced on that day is glassfish-installer-b43-nightly-04_may_2006.jar

Soon we will have a naming convention in place that cooresponds to the next releases of GlassFish. Hope this helps

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