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GlassFish V2 milestone 2 and transparency

Posted by carlavmott on September 26, 2006 at 1:34 PM PDT

GlassFish V2 have lots of great new features such as clustering, administration support for clustering, enable new Web Services stack and many bug fixes. We really want to get feedback on what the community thinks about them so in the spirit of transparency and community building we are putting effort into stablizing milestone 2 before it is released.

Last week the team went into bug fix mode and is fixing high priority bugs. At the same time thousands of tests are being run to find and fix glaring issues. The goal is to provide a release that is stable enough for users to really use it and give valuable feedback.

Start thinking about how you can use GlassFish V2 milestone 2. It will be available in the next week or so.

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