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jMaki, SWDP and GlassFish

Posted by carlavmott on March 20, 2007 at 5:19 PM PDT

Last week was a busy week with several releases in Project jMaki, GlassFish and Sun Web(2.0) Developer Pack or SWDP. SWDP is a newly announced pack targeting developers interested in producing Web 2.0 Rich Internet Applications. We're excited that jMaki is one of the technologies in SWDP. Other technologies include Phobos, Project DynaFaces, RESTful web services APIs and more. Find out more information on SWDP and check out the tutorials and live examples.

You can always find the latest release of the jMaki framework on the download page. Last week v.8.3.2 was made available and includes better Facelet support, new jmaki.extend API for extending widgets, easier way of adding Glue listeners, true widget library loader in NetBeans and a few bug fixes. If you have not already done so check out the samples page also there are a few new samples available in the samples download area. Many of these features were made possible because of contributions from the community. I created a contributor spotlight page to showcase just some of the folks that have contributed so far.

jMaki and also SWDP run on GlassFish application server. The latest release of GlassFish, V2 beta includes features such as clustering, improved administration and support for Web 2.0 applications. Each release of jMaki and SWDP are tested on the latest stable version of GlassFish.

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