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New Update fetaure in jMaki NetBeans plugin

Posted by carlavmott on June 21, 2007 at 12:24 PM PDT

The jMaki NetBeans plugin now has an update feature which automatically updates the version of jMaki that is included in your app. This means that the appropriate files are copied from the new release of jMaki into your
application so you don't have to do it yourself. As part of the update, the entire resources directory structure that is part of your application is copied into a just in case you made a change to one of the jMaki files. Only the files under the resource directory are updated. None of the application files are touched.

The steps for updating your application are pretty easy.

  1. Right click on the project you want to update and select Properties.


  2. Select Frameworks from the left nav bar.
  3. Click on Update jMaki resources


  4. When the update is complete, click OK

      That's it! Although you are told to back up the resources directory the update feature will do that for you. You will get a dialog with the location of the zip file that was created from your
      project in case you need to retrieve the old files in the resource dir.

      One thing to note is that the current update feature does
      copy in only the libraries that already exist in your application, however, it will copy in the entire toolkit library. For example, if your application includes a Yahoo menu widget, once updated it will contain all the files that are part of the Yahoo toolkit and the wrappers for those widgets. This means that the applications size may be a little bit bigger than before the update. If size is an issue you can go into the resources directory and manually prune the unused files.

      Updating to a new version of jMaki is now alot easier with the update feature. Thanks to Ludo for providing it!

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