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New widget library for jMaki

Posted by carlavmott on October 7, 2007 at 10:06 PM PDT

I just made a few more widgets available for the jMaki framework. I've included widgets that folks have asked us to provide that did not go into the main release. The new widget library is called extra and is available for download from the widgets project. It includes the revolver widget which we use on the samples page, and the list and ibrowser widgets which were part of the jMaki beta release. The library contains everything you need to run these widgets.

If you are using NetBeans then all you need to do is to click Tools-> Palette -> Add jMaki Library and the library will be added to the palette ready for you to drag and drop items in your application. Otherwise you will have to unzip the library contents in your web application.

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I am using the yahoo tapped view with jmaki version 1.8. It works fine in firefox and chrome but errors out in IE. The error i get is when a new dcontainer is initialized and it says invalid argument passed. this is component.js file var iargs = { target: cv, useIframe : iframe, overflow: of, content : content, startHeight : h, startWidth : w, autosize : true }; _r.dcontainer = new jmaki.DContainer(iargs); Let me know if any one has a solution for this edit reply